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Welcome to my content marketing portfolio, a snapshot of my diverse expertise. If you can't tell by this website I built, I have a penchant for eye-catching content. From compelling ebooks to media and project enablement content, here's a small but far-from-comprehensive look at my content marketing journey.

Blogs & Articles

As a writer, I blend meticulous SEO research with industry trends to craft copy content that resonates with key stakeholders. Keyword strategies, structured outlines, and SEO optimization are my tools. Results - Pipeline Engagement: Ebook lead magnet with 150 downloads and a 15% sales pipeline conversion rate. - Google Domination: 50+ SEO-optimized articles, 7% earning first-page search rankings Print Presence: 10+ print magazine features engaging 1,000+ subscribers. - Blog Impact: 30+ journalistic blog articles from 16 countries featuring hundreds of original photos.

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Project Management & Team Leadership

I lead team and orchestrate projects with a fusion of creativity and strategy, working seamlessly across platforms like Wix, Kajabi, and WordPress. Collaboration with marketing, sales, and technical teams is my forte, ensuring a synchronized, impactful project. Results: -Revenue Rainmaker: Overseeing 15+ B2B and B2C marketing campaigns and launches, collectively driving over $100,000 in revenue. -CMS Mastery: Utilizing various Content Management Systems to monitor and enhance campaign success. -Global Impact: Managing complex projects involving both freelance and in-house designers, orchestrating high-impact global campaigns that resonate across 16 countries.

Selected Samples

Webinar & Event Content 

My approach to webinars and event content is a blend of meticulous planning and adaptability. I work cross-functionally, seamlessly integrating content that engages, educates, and leaves a lasting impression. Gathering pre and post-event data allows for data-informed content decisions, and the transformation of webinar content into social media assets amplifies engagement. Results: -Audience Alchemist: Collaborating cross-functionally to engage over 15,000 participants across corporate, higher education, and professional development spaces, both online and in-person. -Enrollment Catalyst: Creation of hundreds of content assets directly contributing to increased enrollment numbers. Data-Driven Impact: Collection and analysis of pre and post-event data, shaping content decisions with valuable insights. -Social Amplification: Turning webinar content into social media gems, extending the reach and impact beyond the live event.

Selected Samples

Webinar & Event.png

Email Copywriting

To craft compelling email campaigns, I blend storytelling, visual appeal, and strategic placement. I specialize in creating email campaigns and templates tailored to HR departments and the broader e-commerce ecosystem. Results: - Delivering Excellence: 15 Mailchimp campaigns boasting ~100% delivery rates. - Conversion Catalyst: 7 Mail Trigger Sequences strategically enhancing e-commerce engagement. - Newsletter Communication: Tailored email newsletter templates for HR departments. -Visual Storytelling: 20+ visually stunning email content campaigns, each a narrative in design.

Selected Samples

Social Content

My approach to social media content is a symphony of creativity and strategy. From eye-catching visuals to compelling videos, I craft content that speaks the language of your audience. I specialize in atomizing and repurposing large pillar content into bite-sized pieces that captivate social platforms. Results: -Prolific Presence: I’ve authored over 5,000 social media posts across Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. -Multimedia Mastery: Video, photo, audio, and graphic content—all finely tuned to social media nuances. -Strategic Repurposing: Transforming substantial long-form content into atomized social media gems. -ROI Amplified: 80% of sales have originated from clients inbound through organic social reach.

Selected Samples

Social Content.png

Photography & Video Editing

For me, photo and video editing is a fusion of creativity and technical prowess. Armed with a DSLR and Go Pro I storyboard, shoot, and meticulously edit using tools like InShot, iMovie, Final Cut, Adobe Lightroom, and Photoshop. From professional photos to captivating videos, every piece is a crafted masterpiece. Results: -Visual Symphony: Crafting and editing hundreds of video assets tailored for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. -Adobe Artistry: Capturing and enhancing professional photos, utilizing Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. -Digital Onslaught: Posting over 60 hours of meticulously edited video content online, driving a staggering 7,200% increase in subscriptions on the YouTube channel.

Selected Samples

Podcasts & Vlogs

Podcasting is my medium for crafting engaging narratives that resonate across 16 podcast channels. From ideation and planning content maps through storyboarding, and scheduling, to post-podcast distribution plans, I bring each episode to life. Results: - Collaborator Extraordinaire: Invited to collaborate on 16 podcast channels, bringing diverse content to life. - Content Architect: Mapped podcast content from ideation to post-distribution, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience. -Featured Voice: Personally featured in 12 hours of podcast interviews, adding authenticity and expertise to the dialogue.

Selected Samples

Landing Page .png

Landing Page Copywriting

Landing page copywriting is my forte, guided by thorough SEO and competitive landscape research. I delve into understanding buyer personas and target audiences, strategically setting CTAs and KPIs. Through a comprehensive process of writing, testing, and optimization, I deliver high-quality copy manuscripts designed for multimedia distribution. Additionally, I employ visual aids such as landing page content flow charts to map out customer pathways. Results: - Diverse Portfolio: Completed over 50 pages of copywriting, each contributing to live websites with impactful messaging. - Popup Persuasion: Successfully crafted advertisement popup copy for both single-page and multi-page websites, enhancing user engagement. - SEO-Optimized Sequences: Created SEO-optimized copy trigger sequences, seamlessly leading to email sequences directly related to website content.

Selected Samples

Flyers & Brochures

My Approach: Crafting eye-catching flyers and brochures is a blend of creativity and strategy for me, and Canva is my primary canvas. I initiate the process by planning out posts and actively researching enticing graphics within my competitive landscape. Prioritizing crucial information, I follow design principles to create brand-aligned, visually stunning, and informative graphic assets. Results -Graphic Proficiency: Produced over 50 flyers, brochures, and infographics using Canva, showcasing proficiency in visual storytelling. -Client Delight: Designed brochures, workbooks, and guides that delighted clients and contributed to successful conversions. - Multifaceted Usage: Created hundreds of visual assets utilized across presentations, flyers, landing pages, emails, and various other platforms, ensuring a consistent and engaging brand presence.

Selected Samples

Educational Materials.png

Educational & Thought Leadership Materials

Dedicating thousands of hours to education worldwide, I've been a versatile educator, teaching English, public speaking, and meditation. My teaching extends beyond traditional methods to include workshops, training sessions, and special events. In the realm of content creation, I've crafted thousands of presentation slides and developed numerous supplementary materials, including interactive worksheets and activities. Results: - Empowering Students: Professionally taught over 2,000 students with an outstanding 97% pass rate. -Global Reach: Delivered education in 9 countries, impacting an audience of 40,000 through thought leadership and training sessions. - Innovative Materials: Produced hundreds of hours of training and facilitating materials, driving thought leadership and engaging learners.

Selected Samples


My expertise extends to crafting impactful ebooks. Specializing in B2C/B2B copywriting, I fuse meticulous SEO research with industry trends to produce content that resonates with key stakeholders. My arsenal includes keyword strategies, structured outlines, and SEO optimization. Results - Audience Engagement: The ebook, strategically positioned as a lead magnet, garnered over 150 downloads, boasting a 15% sales pipeline conversion rate. - SEO Excellence: Complementing the ebook, I authored 50+ SEO-optimized articles, achieving a 7% first-page search ranking. - Print Influence: With features in 10+ print magazines, the ebook extended its reach to a print audience, engaging over 1,000 subscribers.

Selected Samples

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