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Across my ten years as a content marketer, I've driven some awesome campaigns that truly amped up brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. Take a peek at a few of my favorites—they speak volumes about my love for creating impactful content. Can't wait to share these wins with you!



SAAS B2B App Launch

HRMedia, HR Firm

Mid-Level Project Lead

Cross-Functional, 150 Hours

Target: Develop compelling copy for HR Media's SaaS app, aiming to enroll 25 corporate clients in alpha and beta app testing while establishing a robust brand voice and positioning. Create the foundational copy basics that will serve as the brand's voice across all communication channels.


  • Collaborated across functions for brand research, writing, and presentation.

  • Oversaw teams to establish brand positioning and voice.

  • Curated copy for LinkedIn, landing pages, email marketing, and social media.


  • Produced a 5,000-word B2B copywriting manuscript as the identity of the brand.

  • Garnered 25 corporate clients for app testing.

  • Established a strong and cohesive brand voice and positioning that was used across mediums.

Affiliate Program Launch 

Seed-Stage EdTech Wellness 


Senior Campaign Lead 

Team of 4 – 250 Hours

Target: Conduct a comprehensive historical data analysis of lifecycle customer engagement. Leverage warm market leads to drive conversion rate by inbounding 25 individuals into the affiliate program and converting 6 out of 10 qualified leads from their contact lists.


  • Analyzed social media metrics to identify warm market leads.

  • Created personalized videos and graphics to enhance engagement.

  • Conducted calls, and surveys, and converted qualified leads into the affiliate program.


  • Onboarded 25 individuals into the affiliate program.

  • Achieved a 60% conversion rate from qualified leads.

Employer Re-Brand

YOLA 2 campuses, 12,000 students, and 150 teachers

Senior Campaign Lead 

Cross-functional, 200 Hours

Target: Strengthen the employer brand for YOLA by implementing a revitalized content strategy across channels and achieve a 15% increase in employee satisfaction.


  • Gather and assess data to gauge employer brand strength.

  • Create and oversee email newsletters, conduct staff satisfaction surveys, and promote on-site focus groups.

  • Create a content package with copywriting and newsletter templates for HR  social media and in-house distribution.


  • Achieved a 15% increase in employee satisfaction.
    Enhanced employee packages and updated job descriptions.
    Implemented a revitalized strategy across channels.

Global Wellness Webinar Campaign

Insideology 2020 - 3-Day Online Global Wellness Conference

Senior Campaign Lead 

Team of 3, 16 Providers, 150 Hours

Target: Utilize a dual-focused approach—B2B and B2C—to secure 15-20 wellness service providers as workshop leaders and gather 100 qualified participant leads with a 50% conversion goal.


  •  Leveraged content marketing strategy to execute B2B warm-market outreach, enticing wellness service providers.

  • Employed social media content creation to engage the target audience for B2C participation.

  • Employed marketing automation platforms for cross-channel distribution and data analysis, optimizing lead generation and enrollment rates.​


  • Executed 3 impactful B2C email campaigns and crafted 15 engaging social media assets, achieving a 35% conversion rate from 150 leads.

  • Strategically produced 5 B2B content assets, driving an 80% conversion rate from 20 qualified leads.

  • Successfully maintained email campaigns at 45% open and click rates, while achieving 500+ impressions in social media campaigns.

Program Launch Webinar Conversion Pipeline

Seed Stage Mindset

Coaching Start-Up 

Head of Marketing

Independent, 1000 Hours

Target: Initiate and cultivate a dynamic social media-driven Coaching program pipeline, strategically amassing a minimum of 25 monthly email acquisitions. Drive conversion of 5-10 clients monthly through compelling content, SEO optimization, and seamless email marketing campaign management.


  • Strategically devised and executed a comprehensive content marketing funnel aligned with quarterly/annual KPIs. 

  • Orchestrated inbound and conversion tactics via the website, email, and social media platforms. 

  • Utilized SEO optimization, engaging social media content creation, and data analysis for performance enhancement.​


  • Achieved a 50.53% conversion rate, transforming 95 qualified leads into 48 clients.
    Attained CSAT and NPS scores exceeding 90%.
    Elevated brand visibility with an extraordinary 269,000% surge in impressions across diverse social media platforms.

Campus Fair Marketing

UCI Study Abroad Center Go Abroad Fair

Entry-Level Marketing Coordinator

120 Hours

Target: Develop and implement a campus marketing segmentation and outreach strategy to increase participation in the Go Abroad Fair.


  • Identify core audience segments and utilize email marketing for broad outreach.

  • Identify cultural organizations through cold and warm B2B marketing.

  • Provide brochures, answer inquiries, and consult with key stakeholders


  • Increased fair participation by 25 organizations.
    Achieved a 45% lead generation rate from email campaigns.

  • Converted 25 organizations out of 150 participants.

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