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Dive into my content marketing world, where strategy dances with creativity. As your Content Marketer, everything I create is born through my original REACH Process. It's not a rigid roadmap but a flexible guide, adapting to the dynamic nature of content marketing. From detailed research to creative distribution, it ensures consistency in our ever-changing field. Let's craft something impactful together!

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My Design 

  • I create a clean and user-friendly design, making sure it's easy to follow while drawing attention to important messages.

  • I stick to a consistent look with logos, colors, and fonts, giving our brand a recognizable and unified identity. 

  • Picking colors that match our brand and considering how they make people feel is part of my style.

  • I make sure our brand voice is adaptable, connecting well with our audience across different types of content.

  • I choose high-quality, relevant images to tell our story better, mixing in interactive elements and varied content formats to keep things interesting for our audience.

  • For consistency and cohesiveness, I create templates for different materials, so our brand always looks polished and consistent.

  • I add a personal touch with custom graphics and illustrations. 

My R.E.A.C.H. Process


Knowing the Path

>>> Discover Insights: When I step in, I start by digging into your audience using Google and Social Media Analytics, gaining essential data from Content Management Systems (CMS) and Google Search Console.

>>> Understand Your People: I build a clear picture of your audience, using CRM data, surveys, and feedback. I check out the competition with tools like Google Analytics and understand the language of your industry through Google Keyword Planner and Uber Suggest.


Blueprinting Success

>>>Set the Foundation: Next, I align your content goals with your business objectives. I define target client behavior, set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and lay the groundwork with content themes and messaging.



Bring it to Life

>>> Craft Creatively: I bring your content to life, creating engaging assets using Canva and Adobe Suite. I articulate your story through well-crafted copywriting on Google Docs and across social media and web platforms.

>>> Optimize for Success: I ensure your content shines by combining captivating design with targeted SEO, implementing short and long-chain keywords and optimizing for repurposing.


Spread the Word

>>> Strategic Orchestration: We strategically plan your content calendar on platforms like Trello and Asana.


>>> Automate and Amplify: I automate and distribute your content using Hootsuite, Later, and other tools. We promote your content strategically through Google, Facebook, and Instagram Ads.

>>> Engage Delightfully: We engage your audience using platforms like Mailchimp, HubSpot, or Chatbots. We create and manage compelling Calls to Action (CTAs) and Opt-ins across your website.


Learn, Grow, and Pivot

>>> Master Analytics: I analyze key metrics, conduct AB testing, and make data-informed decisions. I assess your content quality, examine its performance, and identify areas for improvement.


>>> Make Suggestions: Presenting our discoveries to the team, I offer valuable insights and suggestions based on the findings. It's not just about data; it's about shaping the next steps for our content journey.

>>>Pivot and REACH: Go through the process again: In this dynamic realm, we embrace adaptability. If needed, we pivot, ensuring our strategies stay fresh and effective. We then re-enter the REACH process, refining and reimagining our approach for sustained success.

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