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Content Marketing Specialist & Multimedia Content Strategist 
HubSpot Certified Content Marketer with 10+ years of expertise in data-driven content strategy and development, social media marketing, project management, and cross-functional team leadership for purpose-driven brands.
Phone: (602) 515-3085
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I've helped market content for....

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Skilled in video, audio, graphic, and SEO copywriting content creation, crafting compelling stakeholder messaging across relevant channels. Proven track record of definfing key personas, setting KPI’s, and driving pipeline engagement and client conversion growth by a/b testing and executing cross-channel marketing initiatives. Strong innovator and cross-functional collaborator with creative problem-solving skills and a passion for leveraging technology to implement content strategies to communicate effectively.

Areas of Expertise

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Content Marketing

 Content Creation, Copywriting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Strategy Development, Project Management, Social Media Marketing, Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relations Managment (CRM), Email Marketing & Automation, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Analytics and Reporting, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), A/B Testing, Content Distribution and Promotion, Basic HTML/CSS, Marketing Automation

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Software and Tools

Asana, Trello, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Hootsuite, Later, Loomly, Dynalist, Canva, Adobe Suite, Elementor, Google Office, Microsoft Office, iMovie, Wix, WordPress, Kajabi, Google Classroom, Bluehost, Funnelytics, Acuity, Stripe, Wise, Dropbox, MailChimp, HubSpot.

Professional Experience

Content Marketing Manager

Energy Conscious Meditation (ECM)   08/2019 – Present

  • Achieved 500% Return on Investment (ROI) by investing $3,000 to drive $18,000 in revenue through impactful content marketing strategies.

  • Directed team of 5 to execute complex brand content architecture, resulting in high-converting landing pages, Email drips, and content assets that increased sales by over 500%.

  • Maximized CRM-driven lead management for heightened client acquisition, retention, and conversion rates, while maintaining over 90% Net Promoter (NPS)  and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

  • Created hundreds of video, graphic, and SEO copywriting content assets to attain a remarkable 7200% subscription surge via impactful social media campaigns.

  • Orchestrated data-driven content strategy to drive exponential client acquisition growth of 60 client accounts with a 97% program completion rate.

  • Implemented successful MailChimp campaigns with ~100% delivery and ~50% click-through rates, boosting engagement.

Content Marketing Specialist & Associate Editor

City Pass Guide / IAMHCMC

02/2018 - 08/2019

  • Crafted >20 SEO-optimized, peer-reviewed content pieces - articles, listicles, press releases - amplifying organic reach and engagement.

  • Captured, edited, and published original NikonD3200 photos using Adobe Lightroom, enhancing visual storytelling for diverse platforms.

  • Strategically optimized SEO for articles, achieving a notable 20% boost in organic traffic and search engine visibility.

  • Mentored and edited  a writer team of 5, ensuring coherence, clarity, and expert editing in alignment with brand messaging.

  • Collaborated with Editorial Manager to deliver high-impact content, spanning digital and print mediums, to targeted audiences.

Content and Brand Marketing Specialist

THW Marketing 

10/2016 - 02/2018

  • Researched and presented brand strategies for multimillion-dollar HR & Education firms, driving data-driven positioning and B2B voice.

  • Led teams in a data-based brand establishment, shaping guidelines and voice, and enhancing B2B copywriting impact.

  • Produced presentations, graphics, and copywriting content assets  driving 25 corporate app-testing enrollments, leveraging brand strategy and marketing automation.

  • Crafted and edited SEO-optimized articles, lifting organic traffic and search rankings by 25% through an effective content strategy.

Marketing Communications Strategist

UC Irvine Study Abroad Center

09/2015 - 05/2016

  • Executed targeted outreach marketing campaigns resulting in the enrollment of 350 participants and 50 providers

  • Generated 50 presentations, email campaigns, and canvassing activities, engaging with 150 organizations and increasing participation by ~25%

Content Creator

Personal Blogger & Photographer

2013 - 2020

  • Boosted brand recognition through digital and in-person networking, securing influential endorsements and interviews.

  • Wrote over 50 historical, cultural, and travel blog posts and newsletters on WordPress and Blogspot. 

Marketing Campaigns

Campaign Lead
Insideology 2020 Online Wellness Event

>150 Hours 

  • Target: Apply B2B marketing to acquire 15-20 wellness service providers as workshop leaders, and B2C marketing to acquire 100 qualified participant leads with a minimum 50% conversion rate. 

  • Strategy: B2B warm-market outreach and engaging social media content attracting wellness service providers. B2C content displayed across social channels to attract event participants to enticing event landing pages. Distributed multimedia materials across multiple channels, driving enthusiastic lead generation and enrollment.

  • Results: 

    •  3 x B2C Email campaigns and 15 social media content assets generated 53 participants from 150 qualified leads for a 35% B2C conversion rate.

    • 5 x B2B Content assets and warm-marketing outreach generated 18 wellness providers from 20 qualified leads for an 80% conversation rate.

    • Email campaigns maintained over 45% open and click rates while social media campaigns saw 500+ impressions.

Campaign Lead
Brennan Lagman Coaching Launch - Coaching Program launch

> 1000 Hours 

  • Target: Launch and establish a social media-based Coaching program pipeline capturing a minimum of 25 emails a month, and converting 5-10 clients per month.

  • Strategy: Implement a multi-platform marketing funnel according to quarterly/annual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including inbound and conversion strategies through the website, email, and social media engagement.

  • Results after 1 year: 

    • 50.53% Conversion rate with 95 qualified leads converted to 48 clients.

    • CSAT and NPS scores >90% customer satisfaction and >90% likelihood to recommend services after 1 year.

    • Brand saw a 269,000% increase in impressions across social media channels


  • B.A., Social Science - Magna Cum Laude - University of California Irvine, Irvine, C


  • Digital Marketing - Hubspot - 04/23

  • Content Marketing - Hubspot - 04/23

  • Social Media Marketing - Hubspot - 04/23

  • Digital Entrepreneurship & Marketing - The Coaching Masters - 02/2021


Creativity. Expertise. Passion.

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