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Helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs and working professionals master their mind and energy

Welcome, I'm Brennan...

When I was 19 Meditation saved my life. It helped me go from homeless college dropout drowning in alcohol and ecstasy to accomplished scholar and global meditation leader helping thousands find peace within.


When I graduated from University, I got trapped in the rat race. My anxiety and burnout from work ruined my first attempts at digital entrepreneurship. With COVID-19, I had the time to meditate deeply while taking my second shot at digital entrepreneurship: building my coaching business.


This time around I have replaced my full-time salary, and I am helping clients overcome their overwhelm with inner clarity and energetic alignment.

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In this book, I will show you 10 crucial steps to master your mind with Meditation so you can tap into the awareness, clarity, and alignment that you need to show up in your business as your highest vibrational self so you can energetically align with the life your spirit is so desperate to create.

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Coaching & Mentorship

Coaching is for you if you want:

  • To work 1:1 to get clear on your goals and build a personalized success plan

  • To identify and remove inner blockages to your success

  • To cultivate an easily accessible energy of clarity, peace, and flow in your day to day life

  • To boost your confidence

  • To identify and release self-limiting beliefs and behaviors holding you back in all areas of your life

  • To use meditation, mindfulness, and reflection to make the most important changes in your life and be supported along the way

  • Planning & Accountability

  • A personalized meditation and coaching plan based on your specific needs

  • To step into your power and a fully-realized version of yourself

Mentorship is for you if you want:

  • Intensive Meditation Practice for all levels

  • To increase your mental and emotional clarity and improve your overall cognition.

  • Experience a true state of meditation and understand exactly what it is and how it works

  • Develop a meditation and energy work toolkit to cope with stress

  • Activate and balance the main energy channels and centers of the body

  • Remove emotional blockages from your past

  • Remove mental and energetic blockages and replace them with high-vibrational ones

  • To be able to meditate effortlessly, anywhere, anytime

  • To raise the potency of your unique vibrational strengths and unlock your hidden powers

  • To raise your energy frequency and access deeper states of consciousness


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Naisheya Brinkley


"With everything going on in my life, I don’t know mentally where I would be without Brennan. When I started, I could not meditate at all, and now I can sit for an hour in silence, and enjoy it. What Brennan teaches is powerful, magical, indescribable, and everyone should learn his methods!”

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Donovan Pham

Life-Coach & Copywriter

"Brennan really helped me to release my self-sabotaging beliefs and stories and reframe things through self-love. Now I can see my thoughts and emotions without attaching., and I feel at home with myself."

You can only attract that which you are a Vibrational Match for

That's why it's important to clear your mind and balance your energy - so you can get clear and aligned results in your career.

As long as your mind and emotions are a pendulum, your results will be too.

So are you ready to break free from overwhelm and attain alignment from within your self?

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