All You Need is Within 

For Conscious Creators ready to unlock their untapped potential.

Hello Powerful Creator, I'm Brennan...

When I was 19, I discovered Energy Conscious Meditation (ECM), and it opened me up to the vibrant system of energy living within me. As I mastered my Innate Energy System (IES), I learned to channel my own Life-Force Energy (LFE) to completely clear my mind and let my true powers flow with ease.


Thanks to this living process of Energy Conscious Meditation, my life transformed in 3 major ways:


  • I went from homeless, depressed college dropout drowning in alcohol and ecstasy to a Master of the 4A Energy Conscious Meditation Framework, able to access deep states of meditation anywhere, under any circumstances.

  •  I discovered my authentic Soul’s Blueprint, and energetically aligned with my life’s mission.

  • I evolved into the fully-realized Conscious Creator I was born to become; aligned with my destiny, helping thousands of people around the globe unleash their hidden greatness.

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In this book, I will show you 10 crucial steps to master your mind with Meditation so you can tap into the awareness, clarity, and alignment that you need to show up in your business as your highest vibrational self.

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Energy Conscious Meditation (ECM) Coaching

This is for you changemakers and rulebreakers who...

  • Identify as a Conscious Creator or a person who feels a higher calling to create an impactful life & legacy in service of the greater good. 

  • Feel a deep inner calling to finally heal your wounds and master your unique gifts so you can become a radical warrior of positive change where the world needs you most.

  • Have a profound feeling of untapped powerful potential blocked by insidious subconscious beliefs, fears, or behaviors you struggle to conquer on your own.

  • Struggle to quiet your mental chatter and expand your awareness to allow more insightful inspiration, intuitive downloads, and impactful ideas to flow freely.

  • Know you have an important mission and purpose to accomplish in your lifetime, but can't quite see the vision clearly.

  • Are looking for the guidance of an Energy Conscious Meditation Master who will walk alongside you and provide the right tools, gentle guidance, and accountability to unlock your powers mastering your mind and energy.


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Naisheya Brinkley


"With everything going on in my life, I don’t know mentally where I would be without Brennan. When I started, I could not meditate at all, and now I can sit for an hour in silence, and enjoy it. What Brennan teaches is powerful, magical, indescribable, and everyone should learn his methods!”

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Donovan Pham

Life-Coach & Copywriter

"Brennan really helped me to release my self-sabotaging beliefs and stories and reframe things through self-love. Now I can see my thoughts and emotions without attaching., and I feel at home with myself."

You Were Born To Shine Your Brightest.

There are thousands, millions of people out there who could use the creations, courses, tools and techniques that only someone like you can make. 


That's why it's important to optimize your energy system so you can master your mind and unleash your true powers into the world.

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