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Naisheya Brinkley


"With everything going on in my life, I don’t know mentally where I would be without Brennan. When I started, I could not meditate at all, and now I can sit for an hour in silence, and enjoy it. What Brennan teaches is powerful, magical, indescribable, and everyone should learn his methods!”

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Donovan Pham

Life-Coach & Copywriter

"Brennan really helped me to release my self-sabotaging beliefs and stories and reframe things through self-love. Now I can see my thoughts and emotions without attaching., and I feel at home with myself."

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Zayla Colquitt


"Brennan has helped me go so much deeper in my meditation practice. Now I can feel my chakras and energy channels. It's really amazing to develop a personal connection to this energy system within, I think everyone should learn this."

Tracy Nguyen

Freelance Creative & Activist

"I used to really struggle to meditate. I didn't even know what real meditation was supposed to feel like, and now thanks to Brennan, it is so clear. I was shocked when I sat for 90 minutes in complete silence”

What Clients Are Saying

Here are some video and text excerpts of what clients have to say about working with me.

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I see so many high-achievers struggling with overwhelm, unable to clear their minds, and struggling to balance their energy.

I understand what this is like because I have been there so many times before, but I used meditation to break the cycle. I can help you too! That's why I am offering a complimentary discovery session to get to know what's going on with you.

This session is an opportunity for us to discover what is possible for you. Together, we will get clear on your meditation goals, what you are struggling with, and what results that you hope to achieve.  I will listen intently to what you're looking for, identify your unique struggles, and offer my perspective on what is holding you back and how I may be able to help you find more inner clarity and alignment.

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