You Were Born For This

The source of all of your powers came built within your incredible living energy system.

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel like your true greatness is severely limited by societal expectations and your inner blockages

  • You know there is an incredibly important role your life's work will play but can't clearly define what that is

  • You sense the burden of your untapped potential which causes restlessness, anxiety, or deep dissatisfaction

  • You feel as though your creative life-force is stuck because you are missing something important that the world can't give you

  • Your self-criticism causes your energy, enthusiasm, and motivation to swing like a pendulum

  • Your insecurities keep you from feeling a stable sense of joy, pleasure, and authentic connection with the world around you

  • You feel stuck in recurring cycles of struggles that feed your inner-critic, self-doubt, and fears.

  • You have tried a million things but still cant clear your mind of all the noise that distracts you from what matters most

I've been in your shoes...

Hungry for peace. Aching for change. Praying for a way to release my anguish and anxiety so I could


I woke up on the floor, blacked out from the night before. I had taken 7 ecstasy pills and chewed up the insides of my mouth so bad I couldn't eat. I was basically homeless, a college dropout on his own at 19-years old, empty, lost, and angry--and I was running as fast as I could from my self.

My spirit had been dead for some time, but that day I knew if I didn't change, I could end up six feet under.

So I called my mom who lived in China and asked her to show me this meditation technique she had learned over Skype. Within minutes, I felt alive. Like I had returned home to my self after an endless war on the battlefield of a traumatic life.

I opened my eyes and for the first time in my life, I felt the miraculousness of the present moment. There were no thoughts or emotions stealing me away, and I was absolutely at peace.

From that day forward I quit ecstasy and alcohol. I understood the importance of cultivating this experience and sharing it with the world, and I never looked back. 


Fast forward 11-years and I am a highly sought-after Meditation Master & Expert who has shared the gift of Energy Conscious Meditation to thousands of people around the world, running a thriving online business that is empowering people just like me to access that peace within themselves...


"If I continue like this, I could die. And I don't think I am ready to die. I think I'm ready to live.

- Brennan Lagman


What is Energy Concsious Meditation?

Meditation is a hot topic today, and many people copy or follow along because they think it's what the most successful people do. How many people actually understand whats going on when they meditate? How many are actually getting somewhere?


Energy Conscious meditation is more than a brief activity in your routine. It is a practice that is informed by the state of your body's natural energy system.

Just like you wouldn't start doing peak level exercise without getting in the right state, you can't just sit and meditate. You have to get the energy system of the body aligned so that you can access a meditative state without resistance.

Thus, Energy Conscious Meditation is about attuning your awareness to the meditation energy system so that you can diagnose and treat the emotional, mental, or energetic imbalances that keep you in your head.




How Does Energy Conscious Meditation Work?

Meditation may have many practices, but very few are able to describe what exactly is taking place and how it all works.


Despite many paths, there is one universal mechanism that is activated when someone has a meditative experience. It is a natural system like any of the body's systems (cardiovascular, endocrine, circulatory, etc.), and we are all born primed for this system to function without acquiring anything externally.


This system has energy channels and centers that correspond with the nervous system, which is the complex structure of neurochemical energy that makes everything inside of you work together. It drives all of your emotions, thoughts, inspiration, and action.


There is a dormant, untaped potential hidden within this system, and if awakened, it can significantly reduce the pressure of the thinking brain on your awareness.


When you are able to bypass all of the ambiguity and guesswork of modern meditation and go directly to the source, you can unleash the untapped potential of the energy system and release energetic blockages that keep you from experiencing a true meditative state.









"I could pull a whole hour (of meditation) if I am undisturbed, and before(this program)I could do maybe five or ten minutes before I'm like 'alright, I'm over this.'

- Naisheya Brinkley


How Does Meditation Coaching Work?

As a meditation coach, I combine my internationally accredited coaching techniques with 11-years of experience teaching meditation and energy work to help you master the art of inner awareness and balance.

We meet once a week in-person or online via zoom for twelve weeks. Each session is focused on coaching you to master a certain aspect of your energy system, which is reflected in your everyday life.


It is a powerful transformative process where you are given a safe space to get clear on your goals, understand and remove mental and emotional barriers to your progress, and co-create a personalized strategy for your success using reflection, Energy-conscious Meditation, accountability, and focused action.


1:1 Inner Alignment Coaching Package

All new clients must start with level 1** This package is a carefully designed 12-step process to activate and align the main energy channels of your body through powerful guided meditations.

Since the techniques I teach can be quite technical and require some background knowledge, some weeks will be learning and practice-focused, while others will be client-led and focused on exploring your personal journey. 

4-A Meditation Framework

Clients will master this process to structure their energy work and meditation routines at home. You will learn how to use this practice on your own to continue your meditation journey without any help.

Awakenconnect your awareness to the subtle energy body and begin to feel the energetic mechanism of meditation.

AssessStart to use your energetic awareness to assess where you have emotional, mental, or energetic imbalances or blockages.

Align - Learn how to balance and align your energy by removing lower vibrational frequencies and replacing them with higher-vibrational ones

Ascend - Without the weight of low-vibe energy, you can now ascend to higher levels of consciousness and expanded thinking with ease

The Twelve Week Journey

Week 0: Breakthrough Session

Week 1: Meditation Activation

Week 3: The 4A Framework

Week 4: Activate the Power of The Subconscious

Week 5: Clear Emotional Blockages

Week 6: Increase Emotional Potency & Alignment Meditation

Week 7: Activate the Power of Thought & Action

Week 8: Clear Mental Blockages

Week 9: Activate the Hidden Power of Mindset & Manifestation

Week 10: Activate the Power of the Aligned Awareness

Week 11: Entering the Infinite

Week 12: Destiny Alignment and Self-Integration

Learn More about this offering by booking a discovery call with me

Client Outcomes

  • This package is designed to take you from beginner to an upper-beginner/intermediate level practitioner.

  • By the end, you will be able to effortlessly access deep states of meditation for 10 minutes or longer, without any guidance or supplementary materials.

  • You will know how to raise, secure, and protect your energy field

  • You will have activated and energized your 3-main energy channels and removed any emotional, mental, or energetic blockages keeping you stuck.

  • You will develop a keen overall understanding of how the Subtle System works

  • You will understand how to use your own inner energy and awareness to feel the state of your energy system 

  • You will have an Energy Conscious Meditation tool-kit to keep your energy balanced no matter what stress is going on.

  • You will know how to nourish the overall system so that it generates its higher-vibrational aspects.

Working with Brennan helped Donovan release self-sabotaging behaviors and become more himself than ever before... 

What's Included in 1:1 Coaching Packages

  • One complimentary 2-3 Hour Breakthrough Session at the beginning

  • 12 x 60 - 90 minute one-on-one coaching/mentorship sessions on a weekly basis

  • 24/Hour x 6 days a week access to me via WhatsApp, Messenger, or SMS for any questions, comments, or concerns you may have

  • A personalized Google Classroom where you can find notes on each session, homework assignments, and supplementary materials all in one place.

  • Goal setting, journaling, reflecting, and meditations curated to explore and expand specific aspects of your energy system

  • Detailed follow-up materials, homework, and self-led practice between sessions

  • Access to carefully crafted digital surveys, PDF's, and other supplementary materials to enhance your special journey.

  • Weekly Guided Meditation Recordings/Videos for you to practice at home

  • Lifetime access to a *growing* comprehensive video library with over 20 Hours of guided meditation, lectures, and step-by-step walkthroughs for the different techniques we will cover

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Why Work With Me?

Brennan is a level 4-IAPC&M Internationally Accredited Coaching Master, and Energy Conscious Meditation Master with 11-Years experience teaching Energy Conscious Meditation to thousands of people around the globe.


His work spans 9 countries, and he holds degrees in Psychology, Social Science, and Social Ecology. Brennan has extensive knowledge of the subtle system of the body and how imbalances in this system affect one’s thoughts, emotions, and energy.


He is a skilled master-level practitioner who is great at breaking down complex spiritual and energetic topics into easy-to-understand practical applications.


My greatest strength is helping people who feel like they are not able to meditate at all or who have really struggled to experience meditation to have real tangible experiences and advance their practice faster than they ever thought possible.


Here's What Clients are Saying

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 2.48.09 PM.jpg

Tracy Nguyen

Freelance Creative & Activist

"I used to really struggle to meditate because I would bury myself in work to avoid facing my self. I didn't even know what real meditation was supposed to feel like, and now thanks to Brennan, it is so clear. I was shocked when I sat for 90 minutes in complete silence”

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 2.43.49 PM.jpg

Zayla Colquitt


"I have been practicing meditation for a while now, but Brennan has helped me go so much deeper in my meditation. Now I can feel my chakras and energy channels. It's really amazing to develop a personal connection to this energy system within, I think everyone should learn this."


Are You Worth the Investment?

No one should have to be on the journey to inner alignment alone. Some people take years to find and develop a meditation practice that allows them to access clarity and alignment, but why waste all that time?

Investing in a highly-qualified coach who will walk alongside you and help you achieve total energetic alignment with your goals is one of the most important investments you can make because no matter what you are spending your time and money on, unless and until you are a vibrational match for what you seek, you will continue to achieve the same results.

So the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES, you are worth every second, and every penny. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Not everyone resonates with every coach, and that is okay! That’s why you receive a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee from the day you make your first payment, no questions asked.

Before we talk prices, let's talk about your goals, what's holding you back, and see how I may potentially be of service to you. Go ahead and book that free call below.


Are you ready to...

  • Be able to clear your mind, effortlessly

  • Become more aware of your body, mind, and energy field

  • Remove emotions that do not serve your momentum

  • Identify and reframe thought patterns and beliefs that limit your success

  • Balance your energy so you can remain focused and consistent

  • Lessen the effects of anxiety and overthinking to cultivate restfulness in your routine

  • Increase in emotional intelligence

  • Become aware of and remove internal blockages

  • Increase in problem-solving processing power

  • Have a personalized meditation toolkit that you can use to cope with a variety of work-related stress

  • Become a vibrational match for the success you seek

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So if it is time to overcome overwhelm and energetically align with the success of your business? If your answer is YES, then book your free 30-minute discovery call with me today!

Schedule Your Quick Chat Below...

I see so many high-achievers struggling with overwhelm, unable to clear their minds, and struggling to balance their energy.

I understand what this is like because I have been there so many times before, but I used meditation to break the cycle. I can help you too! That's why I am offering a complimentary discovery session to get to know what's going on with you.

This session is an opportunity for us to discover what is possible for you. Together, we will get clear on your meditation goals, what you are struggling with, and what results that you hope to achieve.  I will listen intently to what you're looking for, identify your unique struggles, and offer my perspective on what is holding you back and how I may be able to help you find more inner clarity and alignment.