My Journey

Feeling lost, hopeless, or trapped in uncertainty is only a precursor to you becoming who you need to be.


I know this because as early as four years old, the world was throwing me curve-balls that forced me to navigate my way through the darkness.


Whether it was losing our home in the epicenter of a catastrophic earthquake, surviving atrocious child abuse, being excommunicated from cults, coming out of the closet, or battling homelessness --there were countless moments when I didn't think I'd ever bounce back.


 From Rock Bottom to Top of The World 

One of the worst of these moments was in 2009. I was a homeless 19-year old college dropout whose family had lost everything in the recession. I was completely shattered, unable to feel there was any beauty or hope left for my life.


While I was washing dishes for minimum wage, I was surviving off of discarded food, hot pockets, and dollar menus. In between shifts, I was drowning my sorrows in ecstasy and alcohol.


One day, I ingested so many substances I blacked out and woke up so weak I could barely move. At that point, I realized that if I did not make serious changes, I could lose my life.

So I called my mom and asked her to show me how to meditate over skype. For the first time in years, I felt alive. It was so subtle, yet powerful, and I immediately decided to change my life for the better.

I had to share this gift with the world.


Fast forward 8 years and I was an advanced level practitioner able to meditate and access higher states of consciousness for hours with complete ease. The benefits of Meditation had helped me heal and thrive in every single area of my life.

I became a global meditation teacher, spiritual leader, and awarded scholar with multiple degrees, helping thousands of people around the world experience the magic of meditation.


I organized classes and workshops up and down the east and west coast of the USA, led a meditation to live on the Eifel Tower in Paris, taught seminars at world-renowned Universities in Africa, Europe, and the United States, and worked with a meditation NGO teaching meditation to Syrian and Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan, to name a few.


I even trained staff at UNICEF Headquarters for Africa and the Middle East in Amman, Jordan. My life was amazing until 2016, when suddenly, it all came crashing down, again.

 Life Knocked Me Down....again 

That fated year I graduated after 8 long years of dedicated University life.


I was also denied the most competitive scholarship for graduate study on earth, came out of the closet as a gay man at 26 years old and was excommunicated from my religion, all in the same few months.


I didn't have the money for rent, so I took what I had and fled homelessness to find work abroad as a teacher in Vietnam.


So, In just a matter of 5 months, my entire magical world was flipped on its head.


With so much confusion, I stopped meditating completely.


At that point, I began to believe in my brokenness -- that maybe something was wrong with me and I might never be capable of feeling content for longer than a few fleeting rotations of the earth.

Fleeing Homlessness Abroad 

I arrived in Vietnam with a few hundred dollars and two nights of accommodation. I hit the ground running, applying for jobs, and hustling to survive. After a couple of years, I quit my English teaching job and tried freelance writing, but after 8 months of uphill battles, my business tanked. 


The stress of a failing business and empty bank accounts made me so hopeless, depressed and embarrassed that I even considered taking my life on multiple occasions.


I let my writing business go and took on the highest paying teaching gig in the city. The job paid the bills and allowed me to invest in a coaching accreditation, but working full time, six days a week, was murder for my mental health.

I desperately wanted a way out of my job, but I was so afraid of failure that I stuck with it for the financial security.

COVID-19: A Blessing In Disguise


Then, COVID-19 hit and Vietnam locked down all schools and language centers indefinitely. The entire English teaching industry suddenly froze, the same way my writing business had only months before. Once again my house of cards was suddenly ablaze, and --for what felt like the thousandth time-- I found myself frantically clawing for a life raft in a stormy sea.


Despite the global calamity, there was a hidden treasure in the chaos: finally, I had time. Time to contemplate whether I should continue working just for money or focus on building my dreams. To ask me what was next for my life journey and start moving towards it. 


And with fewer distractions and more free time than ever I was able to dive deep into myself in ways busy-ness had blocked me from before. 


 Meditation Helped Me Turn A Calamity into Calm and Success 

I rekindled the daily meditation and energy work practice that I lost years before. I took hold of this chance to truly sit with myself with no distractions. To face my fears, release my traumas, go within, and find a way to self-source all of the power and insight I needed.


As I cleared out from within, I began to see how to make the best out of this situation: by dedicating myself full-time to becoming a highly-successful digital entrepreneur, setting a goal to double my full-time monthly teaching income in 8 months or less. 


So, I used the meditation and energy work tools I had acquired over a decade of mastery to clear my mind, release what energies were no longer serving me, and replace them with high-vibrational ones that match the clients, income, and visibility I was attracting.

From Jobless to Thriving 

After less than a year, I had completely eliminated my insomnia and anxiety, naturally increased my energy levels, cleared my mind so I can remain focused, and removed many inner blockages that held me back before.

I use a rich meditation and energy work toolkit that allows me to meet the demands of being a business owner and high-achieving professional with self-awareness, creativity, and flow.


And, I have a thriving coaching business through which I have more than doubled my full-time teaching salary!


I have successfully launched an e-course, helped over 50 clients find inner clarity and align with success, run over 20 meditation workshops and classes online and in person, launched two global virtual meditation retreats and challenges, and been invited as a guest for podcasts, go-lives, and webinars. 


And I am barely getting started.

 Meditation: The Secret Weapon to Success 

Despite encountering hurdles and sometimes not knowing which direction to take, my daily meditation practice keeps me clear, focused, and energized to power through the most important parts of running a digital business.


I am able to keep my emotions in check and energy fresh so I can show up for my clients rested, clear, and energetically available to deliver powerful coaching results. I have eradicated my bouts of insomnia, and am able to sleep deeper and wake up feeling more relaxed.


Most importantly, I am much more aligned with my goals and emotionally and mentally resilient, able to endure the stress of being a digital entrepreneur while feeling balanced and at peace.


So, are you ready to combat overwhelm and cultivate a digital business that is empowered from within you? Then book your discovery call today!

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