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The course includes 12 Modules delivered weekly, broken down into 4 major phases:

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Willingness to commit a few hours a week to deepening your experience.


Readiness to be honest with yourself when diving deep into your inner world.


Eagerness to create more space for unconditional, non-judgmental love from within.


Craving the freedom to let your inner voice guide your action towards your true desires.

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My Name is Brennan Lagman (or Surya): 

Mixed-Race, LGBTQI, Gender Fluid Energy Conscious Meditation™ Coach and Creator of Inner Alignment.



Meditation saved my life when I was just a teenager 12 years ago. It quickly became the secret weapon to my ability to impact the world.

Since then I've traveled to nearly 30 countries, mastering and sharing this gift with thousands of people

It is my sincere passion and Life Mission to empower fellow purpose-driven changemakers like you to use ECM® to master the art of Inner Alignment, heal core wounds, and achieve a profound sense of meaningful connection to your work of service to the world...

...so you can finally fully embody your Soul's Mission to leave a legacy of positive impact. 


 I Understand that not every person is aligned with every coach, program, or course.

If you are not satisfied within 14 days, just let me know and I will refund you ASAP.