If You Want To Finally Eradicate Cycles of Self-Sabotage & Transform Your Life From the Inside Out, Then Here's Why You'll Love the ECM Inner Alignment E-Course  

Welcome to Inner Alignment: The Energy Conscious Meditation (ECM) E-Course That Helps Freedom Seekers Achieve A Powerful Long-Lasting Inner Transformation By Implementing The Step-By-Step, Self Fulfilling ECM Process 

Through The Inner Alignment  Course, You Will Be Able To

Automatically Let Go Of Intrusive Thoughts By Mastering The Art Of Energy Conscious Meditation

 Energetically replace Self-doubt, Self-attack, and Self-sabotage with self-compassion

 “Wipe Out” Any Attention Or Approval-Seeking Behavior from fears of rejection and abandonment

 Align With Your Authentic Self & Attract Your Worth in Abundance for Your Life

 Face Your Fears and Eliminate Insecurity to finally Achieve Mental Freedom

 Escape the “Struggle & Stress” Cycle & Learn How To Really Take Care Of You To Feel At Ease

 Gain Insight About Your Energy Pendulum, How to Balance it, So You Can Focus On What Really Matters

 Put an End to “Feeling Stuck” & Break Free From Cycles of Self-Love and Self-Hate, Starting To Live A Self-Empowering Life

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Infuse Your Life With Energy & Balance

The Ticket To A Permanent Inner Transformation

Brennan Lagman has personally worked with over 100+ clients all across the world to use Energy Conscious Meditation to eliminate self-sabotaging and achieve a sense of long-lasting inner peace and freedom in order to become the best & most fulfilled version of themselves.

This Is The Type Of Freedom Seeker That The ECM Inner Alignment Course Is Perfect For 

If you seek a liberated life of Self-Led Freedom, this course is for you. To be successful, You should recognize yourself in these criteria so that enrolling makes sense

Long-Term Solution

You’re currently struggling to find your center in stressful situations and you feel overwhelmed, but you’re looking to fix the issue for the long-term so you can finally feel fulfilled in life at every level.

Proven Step-By-Step System

You have an open mind and you are willing to follow the advice & the necessary coaching & meditation steps on a consistent basis in order to achieve your inner transformation.


You’re willing to put in the work and implement the tools every day and change your habits in order to achieve long-lasting relaxation & enjoy more freedom and happiness.

Tried Everything

You’re someone who tried every possible short-term solution out there to find yourself ( e.g apps, youtube, other teachings or practices from other gurus ) which worked for the moment but never fixed the real cause of your inner situation, causing more confusion and frustration ending up making you feel lost.

How does ECM WORK? - It’s a step-by-step, mind-body-energy Meditation Approach.  

If you're like most people starting your meditation journey, you might view it as a boring, mundane process. You try youtube videos, apps, guided meditations, and everything sold as spiritual under the sun--yet the lackluster results have you wondering, "is this even working, or is it just in my head?"

The truth is, meditation is so much more than you think, and your body was built to tune in to this vibrant, living, magical process.

All you need are the right tools and guidance, and with very little effort you can literally feel the transformative power of meditation taking place throughout your body on a molecular level.

Energy Conscious Meditation uses a unique combination of elements to awaken you to your body's natural process of energy balancing within.


The KEY To Becoming Fully Self-Aware Of Your Thoughts, Feelings, And Energy Is At Your Fingertips.

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While most Meditation programs only focus on one area, ECM focuses on combining all 4M areas that form the most efficient, long-lasting personal transformation, in a short period of time if done correctly.

Read What My Clients Say Themselves

Vu Minh Tu,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I used to be crippled by social anxiety and depression but thanks to this course my life has become vibrant and colorful. I can feel the effects of meditation immediately, which helps me feel more at home with myself. I love having the power to sense the energy of people and places so I can release what doesn’t serve me and energetically align with what uplifts me.

Naisheya Brinkley,
New Jersey, USA

I feel like everyone who is committed to their self-growth should take this course. This course helped me get through one of the most difficult periods of my life, unlocking powers I had no idea were hiding within me. I was able to break long patterns of self-sabotage, release my haters and naysayers and chart my own path in life guided by self-love. This was just the most magical experience of my life

Tracy Nguyen,
San Jose, USA

As a very cerebral go-getter, I used overwork until I crashed and burned. Finding stillness was such a struggle, but now I know how to access it! I loved the combination of practice and learning because this course was incredibly informative AND practical. It's a balance of beautiful meditations and learning how it all works-- and I had no idea there was so much to learn about my energy system and myself.

Inner Alignment Course Package Includes


After a year, the Inner Alignment Course is moving to Kajabi- one of the world-leading E-Course Platforms!

For a Major Discounted Price, A select group of 10 Students will become THE FIRST to complete this course through this platform starting in December.***

Participation and Feedback from this BETA Test Cohort will help Inner Alignment make Kajabi it's new home for many future Freedom Seekers to achieve Inner Alignment.

Inner Alignment Group Package Breakdown

BETA Version Accepting Applications for Enrollment**


⦿ Inner Alignment Group Classroom 

◘ 11 Weeks

◘ 11 Modules Of Empowering Content

◘ 18+ Hours of Self-Practice

◘ Step-By-Step Guide to Build your Energy Conscious Meditation Toolkit 

◘ Powerful Self-Tracking Coaching tools

◘ Follow-Up Activities

◘ Interactive Quizzes 

 Downloadable Powerpoint Slides

⦿ 1 x 90- Minute Private Coaching Session with Brennan 
⦿ The Free Your Mind Workbook 
⦿ The Soul’s Blueprint Activation 
⦿ 10 x 2 Hour Group Sessions 

BETA Course DISCOUNTED 55% off Regular Group Course Price, Book Your Enrollment call to learn more


Inner Alignment Group BETA Enrollment

**Applications for Enrollment open Nov. 1st, 2021
Course Begins Week of Dec. 6-12, 2021

Very Limited Space for Enrollment


**Book Your Enrollment Call Below to Discuss the Course Details and Pricing In Person with Brennan**

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Keep In Mind: Your Inner Empowerment Towards True Freedom Shouldn't Wait!

The world needs you to show up as your most high-vibe self, contributing all of the gifts, talents, and insights that ONLY YOU can give. Delaying not taking care of your mind and body will not help anyone, so it’s YOUR DUTY to master your mind and energy doing everything in your power to become free of inner blocks once and for all.

Attention: Inner Alignment has a guarantee. You can only win in this situation.


 I Am So Confident That Inner Alignment Will Transform Your Life That I Am Ready To Shoulder All The Risk Involved…


I believe SO MUCH in my life-changing course and I want to make you feel peace of mind when purchasing.

I am willing to GUARANTEE your results.

If you are not satisfied within the 14 days, just let me know and I will refund you ASAP.

With this guarantee, there is ZERO DOWNSIDE.

Introducing The Inner Alignment Program… 

Inner Alignment is not a “shortcut” to a fulfilled life… 


After working with hundreds of Freedom Seekers, I carefully selected the most powerful transformative tools for this course. Here's what I put inside it FOR YOU… 

Changing your subconscious mind, tapping into the “right” energy, and living into an empowered state once and for all, is possible with the right guidance, the right process & the right tools.

Who is Brennan Lagman? - Energy Conscious Meditation (ECM) Practitioner & Expert 

Brennan Lagman (He/They) also goes by the name Surya, which means the sun. They are focusing on helping success-driven freedom seekers in the mid-’20s to mid-’40s to unleash their authentic selves & learn the art of authentic self-loving, through energy-conscious meditation (ECM) techniques that put you in a position of empowerment in life.

They also address overcoming stressful situations, becoming more emotionally resilient to hardship, and any other life situation that might make you feel overwhelmed, transmuting all of your conflicts and struggle in to power and freedom for you.

Their mission is to give hope to people suffering from social conditioning and feeling stressed by helping them implement the ECM process in their life no matter how busy they are so they can finally find relief within their bodies and learn to love themselves and express their authentic selves freely every single day of their lives.

When Surya was 19, they discovered Energy Conscious Meditation (ECM), and it opened up the vibrant system of energy living within them. As they mastered the Innate Energy System (IES), they learned to channel their own Life-Force Energy (LFE) to completely clear their mind and let their true powers flow with ease. 

Will you take this opportunity and walk alongside Brennan to live an authentic life full of freedom and joy?

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....Prepare to take flight!

I have infinite confidence that the “ECM” process will push you ABOVE and BEYOND your previous level of capability in terms of mental awareness & self-love.

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