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ECM Meditation Coaching Sessions Will Help You Transform Your Life Permanently From Within


Introducing ECM Meditation Coaching with Brennan Lagman…
(Discover How You Can Make “Living In Freedom” A Reality)


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Meditate your way to Freedom

ECM Coaching Sessions push you to break free from the vicious cycles of struggle and stress using a combination of proven life coaching and Energy Conscious Meditation (ECM) techniques to eliminate insecurity and gain mental freedom.

Imagine what it would be like to...

 Look Your Fears In The Face and Release Them Once and For All

 Dive Deep In Your Subconscious and Illuminate What's Holding You Back From The Life You Deserve, And Kick it to the Curb

 Empower Yourself with Personalized, Practical Tools That Will Free You From Attention and Approval Seeking While Making Your First Step Into Your New Life of Freedom

 Walk Alongside a Coach Who Will Guide and Hold You Accountable as you Shed the Old You and Evolve Into Your Greatest Potential

 Acquire Personally Channeled Guided Meditations That are Unique to Your Particular Needs & Help You Free Your Mind

 Automatically Dissolve Self-Limiting Beliefs and Behaviors

Even better, imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily.

Well, Finally You CAN With This Simple, Yet Powerful Combination of Energy Conscious Meditation and Transformational Life Coaching.

In fact, those empowered people that you envy because they seem to live a fully-expressed life on their own terms while you’re stuck in disappointment all have one thing in common: they know exactly who they are, what they want, and have mastered their mindset and energy.

That's why you're going to love ECM Meditation Coaching with Brennan Lagman.

Inside ECM coaching sessions with Brennan, you will use the same proven coaching, energy work, and meditation strategies that the top minds in the personal transformation industry use, with my own unique spin. This means you will finally be able to dissolve your delusions, uncover your authentic self, and as a result; attract awesome abundance in your life.

Want to Experience the Long-Lasting Personal Transformation You've Been Dying to Get a Grip On? 

Together we will overcome your most formidable inner-blockages combining life coaching techniques from The Coaching Masters with personalized Energy Conscious Meditation Sessions for your specific needs.

Wish You Could: 

◙ Eradicate the Overwhelming Sense That You're Living Greatly Beneath Your Potential?

◙ Uproot your cancerous thought streams of self-defeat or self-doubt and transmute them into grounded notions of radical freedom and self-acceptance.

Why not work with a coach who will merge the perfect mix of patience and push, challenging and supporting you through your natural cycles of transformation?


Working with me as your meditation coach, you'll get the rare chance to have someone 100% dedicated to YOU:

◙ YOUR goals

◙ YOUR dreams

◙ YOUR strengths

YOUR story 

I will be that attentive, supportive, and intentional presence who will help you sort through the mess of your own mind so you can get to the bottom of what is holding you back from your biggest breakthroughs, and clear the path to a Liberated life!

Here is what Brennan’s coaching clients have to say….

Maria, Estonia

I could no longer handle overthinking about my life choices and overreacting to stress. I was stuck in analysis paralysis mode, and I didn’t know how to get out of it. After having Brennan on my side, I finally found a way to trust my instincts and no longer fear failure and disappointment. Since we met, I have left my old job and started to travel the world, in love with ME, living on MY terms!

Susan, Grangemouth, Scotland

My husband left me alone ( without even telling me ). When I found Brennan, I was basically "destroyed", in a very dark and hateful place. Brennan helped me turn my life upside down AGAIN but in a very, very POSITIVE direction. I could finally relieve all the pressure and resentment and take care of myself and align everything with what I wanted. At the moment of writing this, I feel FREE. Thank you, Brennan! You changed everything.

Mario, Colorado, USA

Helping the world as a healer was my passion. Unfortunately, I couldn't really connect with people on a deeper level because I felt..ugly and unlovable, basically "too much" for anyone. After going to work with Brennan, I feel free. I feel free from having to impress any single being. To my surprise, this is what enabled me to help people better and fulfill my destiny as a healer. I thank you so much, Brennan.

Meditation Coaching With Brennan Lagman Transforms Disoriented Freedom seekers in their Mid-20's to Early ‘40s into fully actualized self-leaders

Coaching infused with ECM Meditation Techniques combines two of the most sought-after personal transformation tools into one mighty combination that will rebirth you into the most authentic and self-aware YOU that you ever could be.

Interweaving mindset work, subconscious reprogramming, manifestation, and goal setting with the power of ECM, you're not only changing the way you think... You are literally changing your frequency on a molecular level.

By changing your frequency, you will be able to mentally, emotionally, and energetically dial in and attract everything you've ever dreamed of.


Discover How You Can Make “Living In Freedom” A Reality.

If You Can Get on a Phone, Tablet, or Computer with a Webcam and Work with Brennan for 90-minutes (60-Minutes Coaching + 30 Minutes Meditation), You Can FINALLY Forge a Life of Authentic Freedom with Meditation Coaching.

Meditation Coaching with Brennan Lagman is incredibly accessible, even if you don't fully believe that a change of that level of transformation is possible for you.

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This Is The Type Of Freedom Seekers Meditation Coaching Is Perfect For: 

You should recognize yourself in these criteria so that working with me makes sense:

-Charlotte, Nottingham, UK

“I came from a corporate background and struggled to find my place in any community. I felt like I had something special, but couldn't figure out how to express it because of the subconscious programming I had about who I need to be for success. Brennan helped me tap into a power deep within me to unlock those gifts and get back into touch with my true self again. Embracing me with Brennan’s help transformed my entire brand, business, and life from the inside out”

The KEY To Becoming Fully Self-Aware Of Your Thoughts, Feelings, And Energy Is At Your Fingertips 

While most programs only focus on one area, ECM focuses on combining all 4M areas that form the most efficient, long-lasting personal transformation, in a short period of time if done correctly.

#1 Mental noise 

An uncontrollable mind generates an uncontrollable life. Having the right tools to “train” your mind at the right time, to see a clear path from multiple angles will give you the mental freedom of feeling happy.

ECM activities:

  •  Self-coaching
  •  Self-reflection through journaling
  •  Identifying and reframing beliefs and thoughts
  •  Developing your Self-Concept
  •  Working on your mindset 

#2 Mental silence 

Your mind should be a soothing place if you want to feel at ease within your body, which will ultimately let you unleash your authentic self. You have to learn how to completely clear your mind and tap into living in pure silence and inner presence. Doing this will enable you to achieve mental clarity and calm your mind.

ECM activities:

  •  Clearing your awareness of mental or emotional noise
  •  Observing a state of non-reactive, non-judgemental presence
  •  Calming the source of overactive or underactive mental and emotional energy in the body

#3 Mindlessness

You need to learn how to value yourself and value your mind. Like a muscle, it needs rest. Resting your mind “the right way” by doing the things that fulfill you like reading, walking, crafting and hobbies will instantly make you feel more energized and ready to release the raw power of joy.

ECM activities:

  •  Muscle Memory Activities that require minimal mental effort
  •  Being in nature
  •  Practice doing nothing
  •  Muscle memory movements

#4 Mindfulness 

It’s time to experience the only thing that really matters and exists: The present. You must learn to tune your mind into the five senses, eliminating any noise and starting to experience the present moment through the incredible sensitivity of your body.

ECM activities:

  •  Visualization
  •  Guided Meditations
  •  Body Scanning
  •  Energy Work
  •  Mindful Movement
  •  Somatic Healing Work
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Create long-lasting change in your life with just 3 simple steps: 


Book a Discovery Call with me **here or at the bottom of this page** - Fill in the information and book your FREE 30 Minute Call with me.

I only work with clients who know what they want and are willing to make a premium investment and communicate clearly.

Not every client and coach is a fit! That's why I use this form for you and me both to see whether we are a match for each other.

STEP 2: 

Hop on a FREE 30-minute Call with Brennan- In this call, we will get to know each other and discuss how we can possibly work together

 STEP 3:

If we agree to work together, Purchase Your Recommended Coaching Package with Brennan- Using a private link provided by Brennan after the short call. With that, you can purchase your coaching package, sign your contract, and get started!

hether we are a match for each other.


That's really all it takes.

Just be ready to open up, express yourself freely and without judgment, and follow personalized guided meditations for your specific issues, and your level up is inevitable.

WITH Meditation Coaching with Brennan Lagman, YOU'LL GET:

► 1:1 or Zoom Coaching Sessions delivered based on your personal goals, needs, and desires.

► 90 Minute sessions that include 60 Minutes of coaching + 30 Minutes of personalized, Live Guided Energy Conscious Meditation Sessions

► Practical supplementary worksheets, assignments, and other materials designed to speed up your results and keep you accountable

► Detailed progress tracking, feedback, and follow-ups to keep you on track to meeting your goals

► Tons of engaging, eye-opening in-person interaction with Brennan

► Email and Instant Message support 6 days a week for the duration of your coaching package.

ECM Meditation Coaching with Brennan Lagman has three options:

1. Private 90 Minute Sessions - 1 Hour Coaching + 30 Minutes Personalized Meditation

ECM Coaching Session

1 Private 90-Minute Session

  • 1 payment of $250
  • 2 payments of $175

ECM Gold Package

5 Private 90 Minute Sessions

  • 1 payment of $1,222
  • 2 payments of $655

ECM Platinum Package

10 Private 90 Minute Sessions

  • 1 payment of $1,999
  • 2 payments of $1,111
  • 4 payments of $555
2. Breakthrough Session - 3 Hour Deep-Dive Coaching Session for deep personal transformation using Brennan’s Signature Table of Life. This is perfect if you are in need of a deep dive to have a major breakthrough.

ECM Breakthrough Session

3-Hour Private Breakthrough Session

  • 1 payment of $450
3. Group Sessions - 90 Minutes Group Coaching + 30 Minutes of Meditation for 3-5 People

Here are the coaching products and pricing options:

ECM Group Coaching Session

1 Group 120-Minute Session

  • 1 payment of $99/ person 
  • 2 payments of $55/ person

ECM Group Gold Package

5 Group 120 Minute Sessions

  • 1 payment of $444/ person 
  • 2 payments of $255/ person

ECM Group Platinum Package

10 Group 120 Minute Sessions

  • 1 payment of $777/ person 
  • 2 payments of $399/ person
  • 4 payments of $211

The Trauma Healing Journey | An Action-Taking Student

-Elizabeth, Durban, South Africa

“I was dealing with and reacting to unhealed trauma, generational conditioning, shame, guilt, and a whole lot of limiting beliefs about myself. My journey to healing started with overcoming my addictions and earning back the trust in myself. When I did this I felt like a new person, I started trusting and believing in myself again. 

I remembered that I was worthy of happiness and abundance. At the same time, I was mourning my old self. I felt grief and confusion. I was lonely, as my old friends no longer matched my new vibration. I knew that I needed guidance and support with this transition.

This is where Brennan came in. As my meditation coach, they were incredibly gentle and compassionate direct, and honest helping me shed light on those limiting beliefs hiding in the shadows.

Their method of meditation is profound and deeply personal. A pure experience of self-love and compassion. They lead their coaching sessions with his heart, creating a safe space, inviting their clients to step into the wisdom and love within themselves.

Brennan's coaching sessions have had a profound impact on the transition towards my true self. I practice what he has taught me regularly and will forever carry this experience with me.”

GET Meditation Coaching with Brennan Lagman Now. Begin Your Transformation

Here's the deal, I believe that this coaching is so life & energy aligning while, at the same time, practical and able to give you clarity...

I am willing to GUARANTEE your results.

Let me know what you think. 

Take the 14 days and apply the principles, and at the end of the day, you will walk away in a state of gratitude for this life-changing experience.

You have 14 days to get every penny back NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

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